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Updates on the Crisis in Haiti

The New York Times News Blog—January 22, 2010

Update | 5:48 p.m. Among the medical volunteers working to help survivors of the earthquake in Haiti since were two teams of surgeons from Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. One team arrived last Saturday and went to work in the Port-au-Prince suburb of Petionville. We have heard from Dr. Seth Sherman, the hospital’s chief resident who was a member of the other team which operated from a hospital in the Dominican Republic, close to the Haitian border, along one of the main roads connecting the two countries. Dr. Sherman reports that the team performed about 70 operations in 48 hours.

The team was led by Dr. Sherman and his father, Mark Sherman, and also included HSS fourth year resident Dr. Patrick Jost,  an orthopedist from Texas, three doctors from Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island, a podiatrist, an anesthesiologist, an orthopedic fellow, and a Creole-speaker of Haitian descent.

The team triaged hundreds of patients and performed a variety of surgical procedures including procedures on broken bones and amputations.

Read Dr. Seth Sherman's full account at blogs.nytimes.com.


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