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Training & Conditioning—November 1, 2017

Training & Conditioning featured HSS chief of Sports Medicine service Bryan T. Kelly, MD in an article about the first annual HSS Professional Sports Medicine Conference.

Dr. Kelly, who helped organize the event, said "there were two main questions we wanted to answer. Is the same injury addressed the same way among different sports? And what are the differences in managing specific injuries based upon the athlete’s level of competition?"

According to the article, medical providers from teams across the NFL, NBA and MLB were invited to discuss these questions. A popular topic of discussion was striking the balance between getting a professional athlete back in the game safely and maintaining their long-term health.

"Timing in these cases might differ between sports and levels to make sure the athlete’s career is prolonged as long as possible," said Dr. Kelly.

During the conference, a treating physician, athletic trainer and physical therapist each provided their perspectives on how to treat specific injuries, and the audience was encouraged to participate.

"The attendees were as knowledgeable as the presenters in many cases. So we wanted input from them as well," said Dr. Kelly.

Dr. Kelly noted that he hopes to have more panels at the next conference and engage the participants even more for their insight.

This article originally appeared at training-conditioning.com. This article appeared in the November 2017 print issue.


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