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Training after 50: How Doug Flutie keeps in shape and manages post-football pains

Sports Illustrated—December 6, 2016

Ian McMahan of SI.com reports on how former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie stays active at 54. Flutie is still driven by the desire to compete and excel, which has pushed him to seek new challenges, such as training and competing in an ocean lifeguard challenge and playing adult-league baseball, regardless of any sore joints.

Many older athletes have accumulated injuries over an active life which may make exercise uncomfortable. It's also important to realize that not every tight hip or sore ankle is because of arthritis. 

The right exercise program can actually improve the health of the knee's remaining cartilage. 

"Do more, not less," said Jordan D. Metzl, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS. "High-intensity exercise and muscle strengthening can lessen the symptoms of arthritis."

Read the full article at SI.com.


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