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Top Techniques For Building Wrist Strength

Muscle & Fitness—October 25, 2016

A reporter with Muscle & Fitness, Kristin Mahoney, writes on how to improve wrist strength among women. The most common complaint among active women is tendinitis in the wrist, although arthritis can also develop.

"Tendinitis can occur if you don't hold the wrist in the correct position," said Michelle G. Carlson, MD, hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS. "Your wrist shouldn't be sore after working out," added Dr. Carlson. Pain in the wrist isn't like normal muscle soreness, so if you feel an ache it may well be due to an injury.

If your wrist feels sore, start by skipping your upper-body routine and resting the joint. If the pain doesn’t subside within two weeks, see your doctor. "A mild injury should heal on its own, but if not you may need stronger anti-inflammatories, a cortisone shot, or even surgery," said Dr. Carlson.

This article originally appeared at Muscleandfitness.com.


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