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Ailey Dancer Gets Back into Routine After Scoliosis Surgery

NY1—April 4, 2016

NY1 health reporter Erin Billups features an Alvin Ailey dancer who needed a spinal fusion surgery because of his scoliosis.

She speaks with Todd J. Albert, MD, surgeon-in-chief and medical director at Hospital for Special Surgery, for background insight into these types of surgeries.

"It's done with multiple screws placed into the spine and then rods used to correct the spine," said Dr. Albert. Non-invasive treatments and exercises sometimes work for those with scoliosis, while other people may need surgery.

"They need spinal fusion surgery to prevent the curve from getting too much, because it can start impinging on their lung and affect their breathing," added Dr. Albert.

This segment originally appeared on NY1.com.


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