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Do these exercises at home to prevent knee, back and shoulder injuries

Today—June 21, 2017

NBC's Today Show featured a segment with HSS primary care sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD and anchor Matt Lauer. The segment highlighted home exercises to prevent knee, back and shoulder pain.

"I see knee problems in my office all the time. I want people to learn how to do exercises to make those better," said Dr. Metzl. For knee exercises, he recommended using a foam roller to alleviate pressure and performing squats to improve strength. "The better they get their strength, the better their knees will feel," he added.

Dr. Metzl also advised doing a plank to "strengthen the muscles at front and the back of the spine, taking the pressure off the spine."

Watch the full segment at today.com. This was also on the June 21, 2017 broadcast.


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