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How to Protect Your Heart from Arthritis

Everyday Health—June 30, 2015

Everyday Health writer Kathleen Doheny reports that inflammation linked with arthritis can raise an individual's risk of heart disease. However, findings suggest that leading a healthy lifestyle and undergoing the right treatment can help protect a person's heart.

Hospital for Special Surgery's Susan Goodman, MD, supports the 2015 study published in the Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, which suggests that there may be a way to minimize the risk of heart disease in patients living with rheumatoid arthritis. "Disease-modifying drugs such as methotrexate or TNF-inhibitors, which alter the natural progression of the disease, can directly decrease the body's inflammatory burden," says Dr. Goodman.

The article also lists ways for individuals to protect their heart health. To learn more, visit www.everydayhealth.com.


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