Surprise Path to Better Sex: Hip Surgery

The New York Times—April 8, 2013

In this New York Times article Doctors Charles Cornell and Douglas Padgett discuss one benefit of hip replacement surgery.


Want better sex? Consider getting a new hip or knee.


Dr. Charles Cornell, clinical director of orthopedic surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, said some patients are hesitant to talk about the toll joint pain can take on their sex life.

“It’s certainly a topic that is on everyone’s mind, but it’s not a topic that is always spoken about openly,” said Dr. Cornell. “It’s especially important to our younger patients, but believe it or not, I’ve had patients in their 80s who this has been a topic for. If one member of a partnership becomes disabled, it does challenge the partnership.”


Dr. Douglas Padgett, chief of the hip service and chief of the adult reconstructive and joint replacement service, at Hospital for Special Surgery, is also referenced.

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