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Staying fit during calorie-heavy holidays

Newsday—December 4, 2013

Polly de Mille, R.N., M.A., RCEP, CSCS, exercise physiologist at the Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Center at Hospital for Special Surgery, comments on staying fit during the holidays.

They key is to have a plan, says exercise scientist Polly de Mille, clinical supervisor of sports performance at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. "Look ahead, know your schedule, know the days the food is going to be around, and plan accordingly," says de Mille, who has organized a similar holiday challenge through the hospital that is open to all (hss.edu/fitnesschallenge). "Most people who have exercise as a fairly consistent part of their lives are already doing this; it just takes a little more planning and creativity over the holidays."

There's something worth celebrating on New Year's Eve.

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