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SportsTalk 790: December 12, 2017

SportsTalk 790—December 12, 2017

Houston-based radio station SportsTalk 790 hosted HSS primary care sports medicine physician Warren K. Young, MD live on-air to discuss Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage’s recent concussion. According to the segment, Savage was evaluated by team physicians for five minutes before he returned to the field.

Dr. Young, who did not treat Savage, said more time is typically needed to examine an athlete for a concussion. "It takes me at least 10 minutes to perform all the necessary testing I would do for a concussion in the office."

Testing involves asking the patient if they know where they are, and which symptoms they are experiencing, according to Dr. Young.

While a person is recovering, Dr. Young said physical and cognitive exercises are done on a weekly basis.

"The testing that we’re doing is to see whether [the healing process] is happening at an appropriate pace or not," he added.

This segment aired during the December 12, 2017 broadcast.


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