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Dr. Sabrina Strickland on Watt and Mercilus

SportsRadio 610—October 11, 2017

SportsRadio 610’s In the Loop hosted HSS sports medicine surgeon Sabrina M. Strickland, MD live on-air to discuss tibial plateau fractures and pectoral tears affecting NFL football players.

Dr. Strickland explained that a tibial plateau fracture affects the lower part of the knee and is caused by a significant load to the top of the shin bone.

To treat this type of fracture with surgery, Dr. Strickland said that the bone is realigned and then held in place by screws until fully healed. She added that the bone takes about 6 weeks to heal, but most people aren’t fully recovered until 4 to 5 months have passed.

"This is a significant injury, and we see a number of fractures in sports, especially in football, but it’s rare to have it right at the joint," she said. "It puts you at risk for cartilage damage…it can significantly increase your risk of arthritis."

Additionally, Dr. Strickland discussed a pectoral tear affecting another NFL player. She said that pectoral tears are not very common, and can be caused by lifting heavy weights.

Listen to the full segment at omny.fm. This segment aired live during the October 11, 2017 afternoon broadcast.


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