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Shaun O'Hara's left Achilles still sore

New York Daily News—September 28, 2010

Shaun O'Hara has tried everything to relieve the pain in his left Achilles, including a platelet-rich plasma therapy injection. So far, though, nothing has worked.

That's why the Giants' starting center went to see Dr. Martin O'Malley, a foot and ankle specialist at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, for a second opinion Monday after sitting out the Giants' 29-10 loss to Tennessee on Sunday.

"They've tried it all," said a source familiar with O'Hara's treatment. "It just continues to give him trouble. So now they're just checking it out."

Tom Coughlin said his starting center had a walking boot on his left foot again and certainly sounded concerned about O'Hara's situation when he said, "We're not sure where this is going to lead."


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