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Shaun O'Hara's left Achilles still sore

New York Daily News—September 28, 2010

Shaun O'Hara has tried everything to relieve the pain in his left Achilles, including a platelet-rich plasma therapy injection. So far, though, nothing has worked.

That's why the Giants' starting center went to see Dr. Martin O'Malley, a foot and ankle specialist at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, for a second opinion Monday after sitting out the Giants' 29-10 loss to Tennessee on Sunday.

"They've tried it all," said a source familiar with O'Hara's treatment. "It just continues to give him trouble. So now they're just checking it out."

Tom Coughlin said his starting center had a walking boot on his left foot again and certainly sounded concerned about O'Hara's situation when he said, "We're not sure where this is going to lead."


This story originally appeared at nydailynews.com.


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