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Are Pain Clinics Right for You?

The Arthritis Foundation—August 27, 2016

In an article published by The Arthritis Foundation, Seth A. Waldman, MD, an anesthesiologist at Hospital for Special Surgery and director of its pain management division, provides input on the importance of self-management with regard to pain medication.

Dr. Waldman explains, "Most pain management doctors are aware of the downsides of narcotics. People can have increased pain when on narcotics because the medications change the way their endorphin system works. There are some people who benefit from narcotics. But it's a mistaken impression if you think going to a pain center means automatically getting started on them."

The article continues with, "Rheumatologists say chronic pain clinics are most helpful when they encourage people to become active partners in their pain relief. That means focusing on self-management techniques like adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, starting low-impact exercise, identifying a personal support system and making self-care a priority."

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