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Is Taking an Ice Bath After a Run Actually Worth the Pain?

SELF.com—November 23, 2017

SELF.com reporter K. Aleisha Fetters wrote about the potential positives and negatives of ice baths after a workout. According to the article, ice baths could reduce inflammation and swelling in sore muscles, but there currently isn’t a significant amount of research on the topic.

Julie Khan PT, DPT, SCS, USATF-L1, physical therapist at HSS, said that runners could benefit from ice baths if they have a couple races scheduled close together and need to recover.

She added that the best way to figure out if ice baths will work for you is to simply try them out.

To avoid losing body heat, Khan recommended to keep your upper body covered and to wear socks which can trap and warm some of the water around your feet.

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