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New Twist on Stem Cell Treatments

Orthopedics This Week—June 8, 2016

Orthopedics This Week's Elizabeth Hofheinz features Scott A. Rodeo, MD, in an article that discusses current advancements in stem cell research and treatment.

Dr. Rodeo explains, "Our team is using a tendon model, and applying techniques for isolating and culturing cells from the walls of the blood vessels in the tendon." Dr. Rodeo continues, "We are also looking at the possibility of using the same approach in a post-traumatic arthritis model. Approximately 50% of patients who experience an ACL [anterior cruciate ligament] injury develop early arthritis by 15 years after injury, with or without surgery. We want to determine if we can interrupt the process early by using these cells."

To read more, visit ryothro.com.


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