Hospital for Special Surgery's Rodeo Hits Rio!

Orthopedics This Week—April 9, 2012

The Brazilians rang and the luminaries at HSS answered the call. Scott Rodeo, M.D., co-chief of the Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), tells OTW, “A Brazilian managed healthcare provider, Amil Par, reached out to us over a year ago and asked that we advise them on how to manage a world class private orthopedic hospital. Since then, Brazilian administrators and orthopedic surgeons have made several trips here to learn how we handle everything from nursing to material management. And along with my colleague, Laura Robbins, Ph.D., senior vice president for education and academic affairs, I just returned from Rio de Janeiro where they are preparing for the grand opening of their institution, known as Hospitalys."


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