School Sports; Keep your child safe

Today Show, NBC News—September 1, 2011

Physician Dr. Jordan Metzl gives important advice for parents and kids who are starting fall sports programs, discussing the potential dangers and injuries to avoid.

Jordan Metzl: Developing kids need to be well protected. As their bones grow and their bodies grow they are more prone to injury. Cartilage growth plates are particularly susceptible to injury. We want to prevent these injuries.

Q: Does it appear we are reporting more sports injuries?
Dr. Metzl: We are seeing more kids playing sports and more girls are playing sports.  Also, we are seeing more specialization in sports. The problem is we are seeing more injuries from those sports.

Q: Is it important to check in with a pediatrician and do an overall health exam?

Dr. Metzl: They should do a pre-participation exam,  a screening exam they do before the season. It’s a great idea for kids to do that. It really prevents injuries from happening.

In conclusion Dr. Metzl recommends the use of protective gear and doing regular strength exercises to prevent injury.

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