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Expert cautiously optimistic Spurs’ Leonard will return soon provided condition isn’t chronic

San Antonio Express-News—November 21, 2017

San Antonio Express-News reported that San Antonio Spurs player Kawhi Leonard missed preseason due to right quadriceps tendinopathy, an overuse injury.

HSS sports medicine surgeon Sabrina M. Strickland, MD, who did not treat Leonard, said it is very rare for careers to end due to tendinopathy.

"Typically, with rest and physical therapy, they get over it and get back (in action) pretty quickly. But with ones that are more chronic, that’s when players tend to have more aggressive treatment, something more evasive than just the rest-and-rehab route, such as platelet rich plasma (therapy), and that can slow them down for a while because you have to allow some time for that to work," said Dr. Strickland.

"The point is when it gets more chronic, you have to look at other ways to rev up the remodeling or the healing of that tissue," she added.

Read the full article at expressnews.com [subscription required]. This article also appeared in the November 22, 2017 print issue.


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