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John Breunig: Bad Bones a Booming Business

Stamford Advocate—April 24, 2016

Stamford Advocate's John Breunig interviews Samuel A. Taylor, MD, a sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery about his role as a surgeon specializing in sports medicine and how he became interested in the field.

Breunig writes that, "I last wrote about Taylor two decades ago, when he was a catcher for the Greenwich High School baseball team. Back then, his dream of playing college baseball evaporated when he injured his shoulder playing football during his junior year in 1996. He reasons now that it was probably for the best because 'the reality is I couldn't hit a curveball'."

Now, Dr. Taylor spends his time treating young athletes who, as he did, spend a lot of time on the field and are susceptible to injury. He notes, "Every sport has its own risks but if you're only subjected to the stresses put on by one sport year-round, you're much more apt to sustain an overuse-type injury than if you spread it out. We're seeing more and more overuse injuries related to year-round sports participation."

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