Safe Kids USA Teams Up With HSS To Promote Sport Safety

NY1 News—NEW YORK—April 5, 2008

It's that time of year when softball players and Little Leaguers are dusting off home plate, choking up, and getting those throwing arms going. And even though it's not the Big Leagues, it doesn't mean they can't wind up on the disabled list like Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez.

To help keep your kids having fun on the field instead of warming the bench, Safe Kids USA and New York's Hospital for Special Surgery are teaming up to help make sure your kids get through this season injury-free.

Docs say one of the most common types of injuries for young kids is throwing injuries from over-use.

"These kids are still growing, and we forget about that. And it is the act of growing bones and the weaknesses of growing bones that really present the big risk here, and we have to respect that," said Dr. David Altchek, Sports Medicine co-chief, Hospital for Special Surgery.

Safe Kids is making sure young players, parents, and coaches know the fundamentals of pitching, and the safe number to throw. For example, no more than 50 pitches should be thrown each day for kids ages 7 and 8 and no more than 95 a day for 13 - 16 year-olds.

They also want to make sure players get adequate rest, and time to strengthen and train.

As we get further into softball and baseball season, another thing doctors want to remind parents and coaches about is these injuries can often be silent, and many times children might not complain. Left unchecked, some injuries can lead to early arthritis or other serious disabilities.

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