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6 Reasons to Strengthen Your Ankles

Runner's World—July 7, 2017

Runner’s World featured HSS primary care sports medicine physicians Marci A. Goolsby, MD and Jordan D. Metzl, MD in an article about the importance of strengthening the ankle for running.

"Ankle and foot strength plays a major role in what happens in your entire kinetic chain when you’re running. It’s really important to address any issues and make sure you’re as symmetrical and balanced as possible," said Dr. Goolsby.

She added that if a runner has an abnormal ankle, they will likely see injuries elsewhere in the body.

The article also includes a video where Dr. Metzl discussed how to treat and prevent a common ankle injury, Achilles tendinitis. "An irritated Achilles tendon can turn into a more serious tendinosis and partial tear or complete tear of the Achilles in a very rapid succession," explained Dr. Metzl.

To read the full article and to watch the video, go to runnersworld.com



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