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6 Training Tips and Techniques Pro Athletes Use to Stay Fit - Forever

Men's Fitness—June 6, 2016

Men's Fitness writer Eric Benson provides six training tips and techniques used by professional athletes to stay fit. Advice includes focusing on bar speed instead of weight; maximizing use of free weights; hitting your hips horizontally; training tendon fibers; focusing legs as much as you do your arms; and utilizing fitness trackers.

For example, Riley J. Williams, III, MD, a sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, explains the benefit of data-tracking wearables, "You get to see metabolic output, exertion, oxygen consumption, miles run, peak heart rate. It helps you assess their real exertion. Instead of just the old 'No pain, no gain,' we have normative data that tells us, say, when a 30-year-old midfielder might get a hamstring strain, or a [35-year-old] player will reach his fatigue limit, so we know we have to rest him."

This article originally appeared at MensFitness.com.


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