When Repeat Injuries Can't Dim an Athlete's Passion

Personal Best by Gina Kolata

New York Times—August 17, 2010

I am one of those people who seem to lurch from injury to injury but keep coming back to my sport. I also am a serious cyclist, but running is my true love.

I’m not alone. Margaret Martonosi, one of my running friends, is a runner and a competitive swimmer. Last year, she injured her Achilles’ tendon. She took a month off and finally saw a doctor, who told her that her running days were over and that at age 45, she really shouldn’t be running anyway.

That was “a bit incongruous,” Margaret told me, because she had just had her best times ever in the New York marathon and in a half marathon she ran while training for it.

She changed doctors.

My doctor, Joseph H. Feinberg at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, says it’s not always necessary to give up a sport because of injuries.

“Some will say you need to stop,” he said. “But often correcting faulty mechanics, the right exercises or rehab, or just changes in training techniques are all that is needed.”

He knows what it’s like to have a passion for a sport. Dr. Feinberg, a runner, swimmer and cyclist, has had two stress fractures yet keeps running.

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