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Training for a Tough Mudder in New York City

The Huffington Post—November 3, 2011

Michael Silverman, PT, MSPT, Staff physical therapist at Hospital for Special Surgery

Here in New York we may not be accustomed to sprinting through the woods, scaling 12-foot walls, or braving weekend events that involve mud, blood and ice baths. I certainly wasn't before I trained for my first Tough Mudder.

Designed by the British Special Forces to test strength and stamina, Tough Mudder is said to be one of the most difficult endurance events on the planet. Only 78 percent of participants successfully complete the obstacle-ridden 10 to 12-mile course, which is a low rate compared to other events like marathons and triathlons.

The Tri-State Tough Mudder at Raceway Park in New Jersey is just a couple weeks away, so we're down to the wire in terms of getting ready. Everyone on my team is from the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Department. For most, it's their first Mudder, but the hodge-podge group of 17 -- male and female, aged 25 to 55, physical therapists, technicians and staff -- are psyched to take on the course.

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