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The Only Question You Need to Ask to Find the Best Running Shoes

Reader's Digest—September 28, 2017

Reader’s Digest featured HSS physical therapist Cara Ann Senicola, PT, DPT, OCS, USATF-L1, CYT, in an article about how to find the best running shoes. The article reported that finding a comfortable running shoe can reduce the risk of injury.

To find a comfortable sneaker, Senicola recommended "always check out the bottom of the sneaker. It should look like the runner’s foot shape." She noted that some toe boxes are wider than others, so if you have a wide foot, make sure to choose a wider toe box.

"I would highly recommend shopping for sneakers in typical running gear (tights, socks, etc) and try jogging a little in a few sneakers recommended by someone who works at a running store before making a final purchase," Senicola added.

Read the full article at rd.com


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