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This Is What Your Favorite Workout Secretly Says About You

Reader's Digest—June 21, 2017

Reader's Digest featured an article on what your favorite workout says about your personality.

HSS psychologist Julia M. Kim, PhD, explained how different workouts are connected to certain personality traits. "Workouts can reflect aspects of our personality as we tend to engage in what suits our needs and desires, making it naturally rewarding," she said.

For example, people who choose group workouts tend to be more social and need help staying on track, said Dr. Kim. "You are more social and extrinsically motivated (rewards, encouragement, and praise from others). You like to be more spontaneous, and less competitive and less aggressive."

If your favorite workout is cycling, Dr. Kim said "odds are that you don't mind long hours to yourself, and you have deep wells of motivation".

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