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Psoriatic Arthritis Patients “pSAY YES!” to a Different Approach to Disease Management

KUAM News—February 25, 2015

Psoriatic arthritis, a painful and debilitating chronic condition, impacts approximately 750,000 Americans. Psoriatic arthritis may impact patients' mobility in their daily lives; at the most basic level, some are unable to walk easily or climb stairs. Driving can also be difficult, as is getting in and out of a car.

As part of the "pSAY YES!" program, Celgene has enlisted the help of patients living with psoriatic arthritis from across the country, as well as chronic illness life coach Rosalind Joffe and leading rheumatologist Dr. Joseph Markenson, to develop tips specifically for patients living with and managing their disease. Tips are focused on areas most commonly impacted by psoriatic arthritis including work, hobbies and relationships. To help guide patients, the program also provides suggestions for speaking with their healthcare provider and working with them to map out the right treatment plan.

"My patients often tell me that they deal with much more than just the physical impact of their condition," said Dr. Joseph Markenson, M.D., with the Department of Rheumatology at Hospital for Special Surgery. "They have to accept the impact of their disease, which affects various aspects of their lives including work, hobbies and relationships. However, I encourage patients with a chronic condition such as psoriatic arthritis to look at their lives and, after having a frank discussion with their doctor, seek out different approaches to managing their condition."

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