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When Bilateral Total Knees Make Total Sense

Outpatient Surgery Magazine—October 5, 2017

Outpatient Surgery Magazine featured a bylined article by HSS surgeon-in-chief emeritus Thomas P. Sculco, MD about the benefits of bilateral knee replacement and the best candidates for the procedure.

Dr. Sculco wrote that it is fairly common for patients to have symmetrical arthritis in both knees. For those with this condition, Dr. Sculco said that patients can choose to have knee replacement surgery a few months apart, or to take care of both knees in one operation. Dr. Sculco said that in his experience, patients overwhelmingly prefer to go through one operation to not have to repeat the whole procedure and recovery.

Additionally, Dr. Sculco noted if only one knee is fixed, the newly replaced knee will take on the posture of the bad knee and delay recovery.

Read the full article at outpatientsurgery.net. This article appeared in the October 2017 print issue.


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