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HSS: Condyle-Specific Matching For OCA Not So Helpful

Orthopedics This Week—October 26, 2017

Orthopedics This Week reported on a recent study that stated that condyle-specific matching for osteochondral allograft transplantation does not improve clinical outcomes. The study was recently published in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and co-authored by HSS sports medicine surgeon Riley J. Williams III, MD.

According to the article, Dr. Williams and his colleagues used records from over 2,000 patients in the HSS cartilage registry.

"We matched patients for age, sex, and size of chondral defect; our mean follow up was four years. We found no difference in reoperation rates or failure rates. This has been my experience for many years, but it was necessary to have a very large study in order to prove it. I think a vast number of surgeons will be pleased because they will now know that they can use graft from many sources," said Dr. Williams.

"One still needs to be technically excellent and careful about where you harvest and implant the graft," he added.

Read the full article at ryortho.com [subscription required].


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