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Yoga associated with reduced pain, pain interference in individuals with OA

Orthopedics Today—September 13, 2017

HSS rheumatologist Linda A. Russell, MD offered her perspective to Orthopedics Today on a recent study of yoga linked to pain relief for osteoarthritis. The study stated that older adults with arthritis who participated in a chair yoga program for 8 weeks experienced a decrease in pain as well as depression.

Dr. Russell stressed the importance of exercise to alleviate joint pain and to increase socialization. She said an exercise program can be designed for all patients with arthritis. "Strengthening muscles around an arthritic joint has been shown to improve function and decrease pain in the affected joint," she noted.

"This study again emphasizes the benefit of an exercise program for adults with OA. Yoga is especially helpful in combating the frustration associated with not being able to do what patients could have done in the past, due to meditation and breathing," Dr. Russell wrote.

Read the full article at healio.com [registration required].


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