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A 14-year-old athlete with left shoulder pain and decreased range of motion

Orthopedics Today—October 7, 2017

Orthopedics Today’s Grand Rounds section featured a case study about a pediatric patient by HSS orthopedic resident Benedict Nwachukwu, MD, MBA; HSS research medical student Joshua Adjei, BA; and HSS pediatric orthopedic surgeon Peter D. Fabricant, MD, MPH. According to the article, a 14-year-old patient had a decreased range of motion in her shoulder after she sustained minor trauma during tae kwon do lessons.

According to the article, the patient underwent arthroscopic synovectomy with loose body removal and then had physical therapy for 3 months after surgery. She reportedly regained full motion and strength of her shoulder, and was able to return to competitive participation in tae kwon do.

Read the full article at healio.com [registration required]. This article appeared in the October 2017 print issue.


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