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Orthopedic collective mobilizes to bring disaster relief to Haiti quake victims

Ortho Supersite—March 12, 2010

As soon as the disaster in Haiti occurred, our orthopedic community quickly joined together to assist those in need. Many of the first pleas from disaster relief organizations were for orthopedic surgeons to help the thousands of people whose bones were crushed by homes and buildings. Orthopedic surgeons from around the world left the security of their hospitals with the most advanced equipment to enter the fields and makeshift tent clinics in Port-au-Prince to operate on countless compound fractures and perform joint replacements and amputations.

Medical device companies quickly and generously supported these relief efforts by donating money, supplies and volunteers. Both the Hospital for Special Surgery and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons itself played very specific and valuable roles in the relief efforts, coordinating shipments of supplies and volunteering medical personnel.

Natural disasters wreak tremendous havoc and pain. Thankfully, the special skills and great generosity of our industry are available to help those in need.

This story originally appeared at orthosupersite.com.


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