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Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan doctor and his nerves of steel get former veterinarian moving again

New York Daily News—August 8, 2017

New York Daily News featured HSS surgeon-in-chief Todd J. Albert, MD and his patient Dr. Alan Ferber in an article about Dr. Ferber’s successful recovery from spine surgery. According to the article, retired veterinarian Dr. Ferber felt pain in his neck, chest, shoulder and back. After consulting with Dr. Albert, he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and an arthritic cyst in his spine.

"From the get-go, I was extremely impressed," said Dr. Ferber. "He’s not only a great surgeon, but he’s a warm, friendly person."

While surgery was the only option, both Dr. Albert and Dr. Ferber were aware of the risks. "Any procedure where you’re around the nerves and the spinal cord is challenging because the stakes are high. But it’s a relatively routine case. We see those arthritic cysts much more frequently in the lower back than in the neck," he said.

The article noted that the surgery was a success, and Dr. Albert said "he’s doing great. His x-rays look good. He has minimal neck stiffness."

"I think I’m 100% now," added Dr. Ferber.

Read the full article at nydailynews.com. This article also appeared in the August 8, 2017 print issue.


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