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New York Nurses Take the Reins After Achieving Magnet

Nursing Spectrum—October 11, 2010

Magnet coordinators share how their nurses have changed since achieving Magnet status and how they have embraced Transformational Leadership, one of the 5 Forces of Magnetism. From participating in decision-making on professional practice councils to reaching out to the community to increase health awareness, obtaining Magnet has motivated nurses to push the boundaries of their practice.

Stephanie Goldberg, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services and CNO, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City.

Our nurses focus on providing skilled, safe and compassionate care while taking a greater leadership role in hospital policy. As someone who works in a Magnet hospital, I believe the difference is evident in our quality and patient outcomes.

In particular, our nurse-driven research projects have influenced significant changes in our practice environment, which have enabled us to identify and address our patients’ most immediate concerns. For example, our recent study of patient falls established clinical guidelines for falls prevention, including hourly rounding and staff education and e-learning programs, resulting in a 36% reduction in patient falls. Our nurses are influencing change for patients and nursing practice.

For patients and their families, I believe Magnet designation is a seal of approval, an assurance they’ll receive quality nursing care. For our nurses, it’s the confidence that comes with working in an environment that values them, respects them and provides them with the resources for delivering the best care possible.

Transformational leadership combines the strengths of leaders and followers with motivation as the binding force. Our nurses play a critical role in shared governance councils, think tanks and committees because we understand how to transform theory into practice. Our contributions help to drive and sustain improvements in patient care and the practice arena. Today, nurses have the opportunity to observe, evaluate and take the lead in revising and implementing initiatives to enhance healthcare practice, hospital policy and quality of patient care. Our nurses are recognized leaders in healthcare, and we’re making a difference.

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