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Will Eagles' Carson Wentz be ready for next season? What is rehab like? Answering all your ACL questions

NJ.com—December 13, 2017

NJ.com reported that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz suffered an ACL tear in his knee and will be out for the remainder of the 2017 season.

HSS sports medicine surgeon Samuel A. Taylor, MD, who did not treat Wentz, discussed the recovery period for an ACL injury.

"The recovery starts at the time of surgery. It is an active recovery. Right after surgery, we work very aggressively on having the patient try to improve their range of motion, avoid stiffness and also work very hard to try to get the quadriceps muscle of the thigh working and strong again," said Dr. Taylor.

"In general I counsel my patients that it is a nine-month process. Everybody is a little bit different, but I think giving the timing and everything else, that Carson will be ready for next season," he added.

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