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Joint Replacement Doesn't Have to End Your Skiing Life

Waterski Magazine—April 8, 2015

Nicos Frangistas, an HSS patient and longtime member and former president of the Greek national water-ski team, discusses his experience undergoing a partial knee replacement in 2012, which was performed with robotic technology under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Pearle at New York's Hospital for Special Surgery.

Waterski Magazine highlights Hospital for Special Surgery's "Back in the Game" campaign, which includes a television commercial featuring 62-year-old Frangistas carving it up gracefully in slow-motion slalom sweeps behind his boat with the caption: "129 days after partial knee replacement." A true success story. But a long, long time coming. Over 40 years, to be exact. What took so long? "In the '70s, I injured myself landing a jump," says Frangistas. "I had my inside ligament totally torn and broken. My doctor told me I'd develop arthritis, so I vigorously did leg-extension exercises and running, jogging and snow-skiing, hoping not to break the ligament again. But, eventually, it gave me severe problems and started swelling."

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