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Malaria Drug Shows Promise for Lou Gehrig's Disease

Newsmax—June 13, 2017

In an article by Newsmax, a drug used to treat malaria has shown promise to also treat ALS based on a study done by Hospital for Special Surgery. The drug, pyrimethamine (Daraprim), helped lower levels of a protein caused by the gene mutation.

Dale J. Lange, MD, neurologist-in-chief at HSS, was the principal researcher of the study. "There is currently no cure for this devastating disease, but our study represents the first time a drug lowered a protein known to be relevant to disease progression; as such, a slowing of disease progression would be expected."

"A larger study is needed, and is being planned, to determine if pyrimethamine does indeed influence the disease course in ALS patients," he added.

Read the full article at newsmax.com


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