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Bellmore graffiti artist Lenny Achan draws on medical field talents

Newsday—October 27, 2017

Newsday published a feature article on HSS chief innovation officer Leonard Achan, RN, MA, ANP, which covered his journey as a graffiti artist, a nurse and a health care executive.

"A lot of people see me in different slices: They see an executive, they see a health care guy, they see an entrepreneur, they see a nurse, they see the artist. It’s all exactly the same to me," said Achan.

At age nine, Achan sustained severe injuries in a car crash that required hospitalization. During his time at the hospital, Achan recalled the compassion of his male nurse.

"The power of that single interaction, an introduction resulting from a disaster and chaos, was all wiped clean by compassion. That is what ultimately made me a nurse," he said.

"This profession gave me the foundation blocks and continues to develop me in all aspects of my life. It was one of the best decisions I ever made to become a nurse," Achan added.

According to the article, Achan worked for two years as a nurse before becoming a health care executive. At HSS, Achan collaborates with inventors, biomechanical engineers and scientists to commercialize products that improve health care globally.

The article reported that Achan continues to make art with his children.

Read the full article at newsday.com [subscription required]. This article also appeared in the October 29, 2017 print issue.

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