New Study Questions Effectiveness of Knee Replacement Surgery

NBC Nightly News—May 2, 2017

In a NBC Nightly News segment, a new study questions the effectiveness of knee replacement surgery for those with osteoarthritis. HSS sports medicine surgeon Beth E. Shubin Stein, MD discusses who is a good candidate for knee replacement, as well as nonsurgical treatment options.

"I see patients who are very young, who come in and just say let's just replace the knee....In a 20 or a 30-year-old, we're not even thinking about that surgery," said Dr. Shubin Stein. "A total knee replacement is the last option. It's never going to be the first."

Dr. Shubin Stein recommends physical therapy, injections and knee braces to reduce inflammation. Patient Francesca Sieni said, "clearly I am walking and doing a lot more things," in response to how physical therapy has helped her own knee.

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