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MLB's next frontier: Injury prevention

USA Today—December 16, 2015

USA Today reports that the next phase of baseball analytics won’t be about changes to on-field performance so much as simply keeping players on the field.

Dr. Struan Coleman, orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, said research is in the works about the risk factors and corresponding preventive muscle strengthening exercises to avoid injury absences. 

"Each player has his own signature, baseline motion and strength analysis," Dr. Coleman said. "It’s like a fingerprint." Starting with those thorough examinations, medical staffs can work on prospective studies by following players longitudinally.

Dr. Coleman said there’s been recent progress in reducing the number of shoulder injuries, due to heightened understanding of the joint’s mechanics, the need for stretching the posterior capsule to avoid internal impingement and improved MRI resolution to detect inflammation.

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