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Pregnant With a Rare Vasculitis: How to Treat

Medscape—September 13, 2017

Medscape featured a bylined article by HSS rheumatologist Stephan A. Paget, MD about a clinical profile featuring his patient with vasculitis who wanted to have a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Paget wrote that the patient had trouble carrying a full-term pregnancy and that he investigated her medication for vasculitis.

"Large-vessel vasculitides, such as TAK, can affect multiple vascular beds, including those surrounding the uterus," Dr. Paget explained.

He spoke with the patient’s obstetrician and they agreed to treat the patient with a regular, prescribed dose of prednisone. Dr. Paget reported that the patient gave birth to a healthy girl at 40 weeks.

"Cooperation between the rheumatologist and the obstetrician was vitally important in this situation in order to bring about a full-term pregnancy and healthy baby," he added.

Read the full article at Medscape.com [subscription required].




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