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Assessing Lupus Activity and Severity: What You Need to Know

MedPage Today—December 19, 2016

MedPage Today featured HSS rheumatologist David R. Fernandez, MD in an article about how physicians monitor and assess lupus activity in patients.

Dr. Fernandez noted that while some indices exist to calculate disease activity, their clinical use is limited.

"The indices used for SLE research all have the limitation of being cumbersome to calculate, and they all require the input of lab results, which can take a couple of days to come back. As such, they’re not really practical for guiding care in real time," said Dr. Fernandez.

However, in addition to lab tests, Dr. Fernandez noted that patients usually share any new or recurring symptoms with their rheumatologists. "Most of the time, patients can tell you if they’re flaring," he noted.

This article originally appeared at medpagetoday.com.



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