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African Americans Do Worse After Joint Replacements, But Only In Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

MedicalResearch.com—November 7, 2017

MedicalResearch.com interviewed HSS rheumatologist Susan M. Goodman, MD about her recent study on race and socioeconomic factors that could affect joint replacement outcomes. The research was presented at the 2017 American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Annual Meeting, and findings indicated that those who lived in low-income communities had poorer outcomes.

"African Americans in richer neighborhoods have comparable outcomes to whites, but as poverty increases - in this study measured as percent with Medicaid coverage - outcomes worsen in a step wise fashion," said Dr. Goodman.

"This study highlights the significance of socioeconomic factors in health outcomes, and the importance of analyzing contextual factors that may influence results," she added.

Read the full interview at medicalresearch.com


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