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10 Tips for Productive Medical Practice Staff Meetings

The Rheumatologist—November 17, 2015

Karen Appold, a writer for The Rheumatologist, offers advice from medical professionals regarding the most effective way to conduct a meeting within their medical practice.

Mary K. Crow, MD, chief of rheumatology at Hospital for Special Surgery, offers insight into how she conducts a productive meeting with her staff. Dr. Crow discusses the importance of agenda setting, brainstorming, action planning, and handling conflict.

According to the article, When Dr. Crow encounters a conflict among colleagues, which is rare, she will typically meet with individuals to fully understand the issue. “I emphasize patience when working cohesively to minimize or eliminate conflict,” she says. “During a group meeting, it is best to spend time fine-tuning the overall objective of the group’s work so that there is a clear understanding of group expectations, which will in turn prevent negative encounters among colleagues.”

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