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World Cup Artificial Turf Battle: Is Grass Better?

Discovery News—June 5, 2015

Eric Niiler of Discovery News reports that when the world's best women's soccer players play for the World Cup they will be playing on a surface that many professional players avoid: artificial turf. Niiler discusses the health impact and differences between artificial turf and grass. 

Hospital for Special Surgery orthopedic surgeon, Mark C. Drakos, provides insight as to what type of field is better suited for professional athletes.

"The thing that is so hard to pin down is that there are so many variables," said Mark Drakos, an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital of Special Surgery. "What kind of shoes that people are wearing, is it dry or is it wet? All these things play a role in how sticky the surface is. The results are mixed."

To read more, visit www.discovery.com.  


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