Lupus Insight Prize to be awarded to Outstanding Scientist

Alliance for Lupus Research—December 18, 2013

For the second year, the Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR), the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) , and the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) will again join together to encourage scientific advances in lupus research. The Lupus Insight Prize, a novel collaborative initiative among the three organizations, will recognize and honor an outstanding investigator with a documented record of creativity, innovation, and productivity in lupus investigations, and with a high likelihood of generating further advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Lupus is an unpredictable and sometimes fatal autoimmune disease that affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans. The Lupus Insight Prize will be awarded annually by the sponsoring organizations.

The Request for Nominations will open December 18, 2013, with applications due by February 20, 2014. The 2014 Prize will be awarded at the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) annual meeting on June 25, 2014 by the three organizations.

“Our hope is that the continued collaboration between the Alliance for Lupus Research, the Lupus Foundation of America, and the Lupus Research Institute in the form of the Lupus Insight Prize is strong testimony to the dedication and commitment of these organizations to find a cure for lupus,” said Mary K. Crow, M.D., Chair, ALR Scientific Advisory Board, Physician-in-Chief and Chair, Department of Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery. "The Prize encourages innovation. It furthers lupus research and allows for investigators to move the science and understanding of lupus forward,” commented Gary S. Gilkeson, M.D., Chair, LFA Medical-Scientific Advisory Council. Peter Lipsky, M.D., LRI Scientific Advisory Board Member and Editor-in-Chief of Arthritis Research and Therapy adds, “This Prize recognizes important novel achievements in any scientific field that might impact lupus, and also provides funds to carry out the experiments that will lead to new insights about lupus and novel therapies for those who need it the most.”

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