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Corner Office: Hospital for Special Surgery CEO Louis Shapiro on the Strength of Independence

Becker's Hospital Review—March 27, 2015

Louis Shapiro, president and CEO of Hospital for Special Surgery recently was interviewed by Becker's Hospital Review in regards to his role as CEO, the growth and success of the hospital. Here is a sneak peak of the questions Mr. Shapiro answered:

What's one thing that really piqued your interest in healthcare?

My interest in healthcare started with the convergence of three things: 1) Parents who were chronically sick while I was growing up and in hospitals frequently, 2) an interest in business and management stemming from my father's role as a retail store manager, and 3) realization as a freshman that medical school wasn't for me — Organic Chemistry class gave me that realization. This led me to pursue a career in healthcare management.

What do you enjoy most about New York City?

I love the energy NYC exudes. There is always something going on, something to explore. It's a city filled with options. I love taking walks through Central Park with my wife or exploring parts of the city I haven't been to. It's like being able to go on a mini vacation with only a short walk, cab or subway ride.

If you could eliminate one of the healthcare industry's problems overnight, which would it be?

I would like to pick two things. I would like to see a massive reduction in the number of cumbersome and unneeded regulations, and then I would like to see Americans taking massive responsibility for their health. No smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthy and eradicating obesity.

Read the full story at Becker’s Hospital Review.


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