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The Little Couple Season Finale, January 6, 2015

Examiner.com—January 10, 2015

After two years of back issues, The Little Couple's Bill Klein is set to have his surgery performed at the New York Hospital for Special Surgery, the oldest orthopedic hospital in the United States and considered one of the top hospitals in the world for joint replacement. Only five years ago, Bill had his hips replaced. This time, Bill narrates, it involves a more complicated procedure which may or may not fix the problem. Dr. James C. Farmer, orthopedic surgeon, has informed Bill there will be monitoring, that it is reasonable to think there will be a fusion done, but expects Bill to do well. Bill, of course, fears the possibility of paralysis.

On the 7th day Bill is deemed safe to travel. Dr. Farmer advised Bill to get up and walk around during his flight home to Houston. If Bill sets off the alarm at the airport, he needs to tell them about the rods and screws inserted during surgery. Of course he has to be careful with the children. They are so used to Bill getting on the floor with them to play. They will have to understand Bill can't play until he gets better.

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