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A Purpose-Driven Organization

Leaders Magazine—July 3, 2017

In an interview with Leaders Magazine, HSS president and CEO Louis A. Shapiro discussed the organizational success of HSS, the importance of innovation, the importance of wellness, and what makes an effective leader in the CEO role.

He said, "when we peel the onion back and look at HSS, there are a number of things that we have going for us that may be indicative of organizational success." Mr. Shapiro noted doing one, valuable thing with a laser focus is crucial to success. He added, "our one thing is musculoskeletal healthcare. It’s a broad topic, but it’s a high-value and focused topic."

On top of the laser focus, Mr. Shapiro said constant innovation is important to evolve with the changing world. "We are working to transform our business model from its status as an academic medical center with leading patient-care teaching and research whose core competency is to take care of patients who have musculoskeletal problems. We’re trying to do this by doing three things: constantly challenging the status quo, focusing on what we do at our core, and relentlessly pursuing 'better.'"

When asked how to characterize leadership, Mr. Shapiro said there are three good things leaders need: to love what they do, to be inspired by what they do, and to desire to be a part of making things happen that allow them to achieve their goals.

Read the full article at leadersmag.com. This article also appeared in the July, August, September 2017 print edition.




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