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Safety and Quality

Leaders Magazine—July 3, 2017

In an interview with Leaders Magazine, HSS surgeon-in-chief Todd J. Albert, MD discussed his roles as surgeon-in-chief and medical director.

"I oversee the safety and quality of all the patients we care for. We have an amazing team of people that have historically looked after that and obtained outstanding results. This role is all about protecting the patients and overseeing anything that comes up to make sure they get the best care," said Dr. Albert.

When asked about the importance of culture at HSS, Dr. Albert said "the culture comes from being a relatively small, single-specialty hospital that grew to the biggest musculoskeletal specialty hospital in the world. Along the way, there has always been a culture of delivering the highest quality care and taking pride in that."

"It’s a huge advantage to be a single specialty-focused hospital," he said.

Read the full article at leadersmag.com. This article also appeared in the July, August, September 2017 print edition.


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